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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hillside Residence Hall located?

2425 Prospect St.

Berkeley, CA 94704


Hillside Hall


Where Is Durant Residence Hall located?

2731 Durant Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94704

Durant Hall

How much is rent monthly?

Housing Prices

What is life like in Berkeley, California?

Life in Berkeley


Does Hillside & Durant Residence Halls do any events?

About Us

How many meals are included in the meal plan at Hillside Residence Hall?

15 meals per week, except weekends


Does Hillside Durant provide a meal plan?

Meal plans are available upon request. Meals are served in Hillside Residence Hall daily.


Who lives at Hillside & Durant Residence Hall?

Hillside Residence Hall and Hillside Durant house a wide variety of residents, including UC Berkeley, UC Berkeley Extension, and Berkeley Community College students. Also, due to the residence halls’ proximity to ELS Language Center Berkeley, a significant portion of residents are international students learning English. It is a great opportunity to meet people from around the world and experience different countries’ cultures!

What is ELS Language Center Berkeley?

ELS Berkeley is an English language center located within Hillside Residence Hall. It operates Monday though Friday.


Does Hillside & Durant Residence Hall have RA’s?

Yes, Hillside Residence Hall and Hillside Durant have staff available daily from 10am-11pm. Our RA’s have various responsibilities, including housing, food, internet, maintenance, environment, and events. The Hillside and Durant RA’s can assist residents with their daily needs.


How do I apply to Hillside & Durant Residence Hall?

Go to the specific Hall Dorm page that you are interested in and at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to apply to Hillside & Durant Residence Hall.


How long will it take to find out if my application has been accepted?

Once applications are received and the reservation fee is successfully charged, applicants will be notified promptly.


Is the meal plan mandatory for residents?

In Hillside, meal plans are a part of the housing fee. Hillside does not have kitchens available for resident use. In Durant, meal plans are optional. Durant has kitchens in which residents may cook for themselves.