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Welcome to Hillside Dormitory!

Of our two building, Hillside offers unique features such as large communal spaces, room to study, and a meal plan.

Built in 1994 this private dorm was once a booming sorority house but in the early 2000’a was bought and converted into the thriving student center it is today. Due to our partnership with ELS English language programs you can think of this dorm as I-house light hosting a wide range of students from every continent (Well… maybe not antarctica). Let’s get into the details

Room Type

There are three types of rooms offered here at hillside Single, Double and Quad.

Each room comes fully furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, closet, trash can, bed sheets, and desk lamp. The rooms, except for two single rooms, do not have their own bathrooms and residence use large (cleaned daily) communal bathrooms for the toilet and shower.

Single- Each of our single rooms is unique, some come with bathrooms whereas others are larger but with no bathroom. There are only 3 official single use rooms in our dorm. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask if any rooms can be converted for a slightly higher rent. A single room is $1,500 dollars per 28 days.

Double- Like every room our doubles come fully furnished for our residence and it is our most popular and common room type. Getting to know roommates can be one of the best parts about dorm living and while we know that we also recognize that personal space is key. Our double are spacious enough that you won’t ever feel like you are on top of each other. Doubles are $1,205 per 28 days.

Quad- This room is for the social students who are also looking to save a buck. With nearly equal square footage per student as a double room the quad is ideal for saving a few dollars and getting to know your neighbors even better. There are only three rooms of this type so book it quick! Quads are 1,000 per 28 days




Electricity, gas, water, and high speed wireless internet are included in the accommodation fee.

Community Amenities


TV Lounge

Dining commons

Ping-pong table

Pool Table

Outside Patio

2nd Floor Balcony

Study Lounge

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At Hillside we provide meals for our students. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, days Monday through Friday. It’s Awesome!

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Rooms are furnished with beds, desks, lamps, chairs, large closets, and linens.


Laundry facilities are available in the building, approx. $2.00 per load ($1 for washer & $1 for dryer)

Security and keys

Students have keys to their room, and the entrance is secured with a key code lock.


For more information, check out this flyer!