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Housing Prices

UC Berkeley 2018-19 Fall semester and Academic Year Pricing 
(For residents applying for semester or academic year)

Hillside Hall Double Room Single Room Premium Single Room
Academic Year  (Aug.,2018–May,2019) $8,550 $11,000 $15,000
Reservation fee ( Hillside or Durant )
$2,000 $2,000 $2,000
 Durant Hall  Double Room  N/A
 Academic Year  (Aug.,2018–May,2019)  $9,900  N/A
 Semester  (Aug.,2018–Dec,2018)  $6,000  N/A

*Summer session prices subject to change.

Durant Hall

Price w/ extended period (Not applicable for short term )

Double Room

 4 weeks/1 session


   3 weeks


   2 weeks


   1 week


   1 day


At the time of checking in, residents pay $200 refundable damage deposit. According to our Damage deposit Refund Policy, deposits are returned by the method by which it was paid and might take up to 3 weeks to be refunded post Checkout.